Our Mission Statement

To be indispensable to our customers by delivering mission critical quality, reliability, service and performance.

Heritage Story

RAMI began engineering and manufacturing antenna systems in 1956 for the Unites States military. We set a precedent for the way we would conduct every aspect of our business, with a focus on accuracy, innovation, cost control, and customer service. This means hiring the best people, running an impeccable facility, and investing in the latest technologies. When our products reach the field, we know that they are going to perform. Today we apply those standards to the aviation, transportation, and military industries.

A Message from Our Chairwoman

We take our responsibility of making mission critical products seriously.  As a company, everyone is focused on delivering the highest performing products with an attention to quality, knowing that people’s lives depend on our technologies working when it matters most.  As a family owned business, we are committed to our mission with the long term perspective of investing in our employees’ capabilities and the innovative technologies our customers need.

Jillane Lynas Payne



We are one of an elite few that have received multiple gold awards from the United States government. Our commitment to quality and customer service is what defines us as a company.

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