AS-177B/UPX shipboard antenna


Shipboard or Land-Based IFF/SIF

The AS-177B/UPX antenna is designed for omni-directional ship or land-based IFF/SIF installation. The radiating element consists of a full-wave center feed dipole with a conical skirt to prevent currents from flowing on the supporting mast.

The antenna is enclosed in fiberglass radome which protects the high voltage points from moisture, dirt, or physical contact. The antenna is mounted directly to a 1-1/2″ pipe and clamped by two (2) 5/16″ bolts to prevent it from turning on the mounting pipe.

Product Specifications
Application Shipboard IFF/SIF
Frequency 1030-1090 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain+2.8 dBi
VSWR1.4:1 Maximum
ConnectorUG-154B/U Male (Supplied)
UG-352/U Female
Max Weight8 lbs.
ColorCARC Grey
CARC Tan – P/N: AS-177B/UPX-C(-T)

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