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Tactical Vehicle Antenna | SATCOM

The RAMI8714 is a UHF SATCOM antenna that is extremely rugged and is Right Hand Circularly Polarized (RHCP). It is designed for tactical vehicles for on‐the‐move (OTM) applications. The antenna has the frequency coverage to support both Legacy and MUOS UHF communication needs and can cover the entire hemispherical Field of View (FOV) with a single port which eliminates the need to switch between high and low angles. The antenna will interface with a standard NATO mount for applications where direct vehicle roof mount is not available.

Product Specifications
Application UHF Communications
Frequency Legacy SATCOM Rx: 243-270 MHz
Legacy SATCOM Tx: 292-318 MHz
MUOS SATCOM Rx: 360-380 MHz
MUOS SATCOM Tx: 300-320 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
RF Power Handling100 Watts CW
GainLegacy Rx (243-270 MHz)
90 degress 5.5 dBiC
45 degrees 3.0 dBiC
20 degrees -1.0 dBiC

Legacy Tx (292-318 MHz)
90 degrees 4.0 dBiC
45 degrees 2.5 dBiC
20 degrees -1.0 dBiC

MUOS Rx (360-380 MHz)
90 degrees 3.5 dBiC
45 degrees 1.5 dBiC
20 degrees -1.0 dBiC

MUOS Tx (300-320 MHz)
90 degrees 4.0 dBiC
45 degrees 2.0 dBiC
20 degrees -1.0 dBiC

Connector“N” Female
Max Weight17 lbs
Environmental TestingMIL-STD-810G Compliant

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