This is a ruggedized multiband vehicular antenna. This antenna operates with legacy radios for SINGARS and EPLRS through the newest multiband radios. It is provided with the standard NATO mounting bolt pattern, provides a low vertical signature and replaces multiple antennas. It is fully oak beam and HV compliant.

Product Specifications
Application Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
108-512 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain at Horizon 30-88 MHz: -7.5 dBmp (30 MHz) to 0 dBmp (80 MHz)
108-225 MHz: greater than -12 dBi
225-290 MHz: -8 dBi to 0 dBi
290-512 MHz : -3dBi to +3 dBi
VSWR 30-88 MHz: less than 3.5:1 Max. on a 10′ square ground plane
108-512 MHz: less than 3.5:1 Max. on a 10′ square ground plane
Port to Port Isolation30 Db Min.
Connector 30-88 MHz BNC Female
108-512 MHz BNC Female
RF Power Capacity75 Watts CW across all operating frequencies
Max Weight8 lbs.
ColorP/N: RAMI10612G: CARC Green
P/N: RAMI10612T: CARC Tan
P/N: RAMI10612B: CARC Black
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