These risers can be used to extend most antennas with the NATO mount from the current mounting position. They are offered in a variety of lengths and colors to meet your needs.

Product Specifications
Color and HeightCARC Green 8″ Long P/N RAMI96-08G
12″ Long P/N RAMI96-12G
18″ Long P/N RAMI96-18G
24″ Long P/N RAMI96-24G
36″ Long P/N RAMI96-36G
48″ Long P/N RAMI96-48G
60″ Long P/N RAMI96-60G
72″ Long P/N RAMI96-72G
CARC Tan 8″ Long P/N RAMI96-08T
12″ Long P/N RAMI96-12T
18″ Long P/N RAMI96-18T
24″ Long P/N RAMI96-24T
36″ Long P/N RAMI96-36T
48″ Long P/N RAMI96-48T
60″ Long P/N RAMI96-60T
72″ Long P/N RAMI96-72T
CARC Black 8″ Long P/N RAMI96-08B
12″ Long P/N RAMI96-12B
18″ Long P/N RAMI96-18B
24″ Long P/N RAMI96-24B
36″ Long P/N RAMI96-36B
48″ Long P/N RAMI96-48B
60″ Long P/N RAMI96-60B
72″ Long P/N RAMI96-72B
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