RTB3050-2 vehicular antenna


Military Vehicle Antenna | L-Band, UHF

The RTB3050-2 is a ruggedized multiband rigid base vehicular antenna. This antenna is designed to significantly reduce the number of antennas on the vehicle. The antenna operates from 225-450 MHz, 698-970 MHz, and 1250-2600 MHz and multiple frequency inputs may be used simultaneously. This antenna is fully “oak beam” compliant. The RTB3050-2 has L-Band and Tri-Band capabilities.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 225-450 MHz
698-970 MHz
1250-2600 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Peak Gain @ Horizon225-450 MHz : 0 dBi to +2.0 dBi
698-970 MHz: TBD (-2.0 dBi to +2.0 dBi)
1250-2600 MHz: TBD (+1.0 dBi to +3.0 dBi)
VSWR225-450 MHz : 3.0:1 Max.
698-970 MHz : 3.0:1 Max.
1250-2600 MHz : 2.75:1 Max.
Port to Port Isolationgreater than 40 dB
Connector“TNC” Female 225-450 MHz
“N” Female 698-970 &1250-2600 MHz
Available ColorsP/N: RTB3050G-2 CARC Green
P/N: RTB3050T-2 CARC Tan
P/N: RTB3050B-2 CARC Black
AntennaUHF: Integrated Dipole
Upper UHF: Integrated Dipole
L-Band: PCB Quad Dipole
Max. Weight12 lbs
Tie Down Kit Sold SeparatelyP/N: RAMI-TDK-1

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