RAMI AV-801 GPS Antenna Receives FAA Authorization to TSO-C190

April 27, 2016

Grand Haven, Michigan – RAMI recently received authorization from the FAA to produce the AV-801 GPS WAAS antenna, which meets the requirements of TSO-C190 for global navigation satellite system (GNSS). RAMI’s AV-801 antenna is only the second GNSS antenna identified by the FAA (rgl.faa.gov) to be certified under the new, more stringent TSO-C190.

RAMI Aviation products are supplied exclusively to distributor and OEM customers worldwide. FAA authorization of the new AV-801 allows RAMI to supply a GPS antenna to the latest and greatest GNSS specification. The AV-801 is ideal for end users looking for a position reporting antenna source for ADS-B compliance or any other GPS.

About R.A. Miller Industries (RAMI) 

R.A. Miller (RAMI) is a world-class supplier of antenna systems and accessories to military, aviation, and automotive customers worldwide.  RAMI has been engineering and manufacturing antenna systems for the United States Military since 1956.  Today, RAMI offers the industry’s most reliable and highest performance antenna systems tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.  Learn more at http://www.rami.com.