Aviation Antennas

RAMI antennas are known for their streamlined aesthetics, quality, and reliable performance. These are crucial for what really matters when you’re navigating at any altitude. We are proud to supply both the US Government and General Aviation customers.

Our strength lies in our unmatched ability to develop customized products tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.  We pride ourselves on superior customer service for all our products, which is why they are all backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Our aircraft antennas cover a wide range of functions including communications, NAV antennas, GPS, ADS-B, transponder, VOR localizer, glide slope antennas, and marker beacons.

RAMI is proud to make some of America’s finest communication equipment. We believe in creating high quality products, and good customer satisfaction. That is why all RAMI aviation antennas come with a lifetime limited warranty. Click the link above to learn more.

Loud and Clear

We know the products we supply play a part in determining the success of your flight mission. Backed by our lifetime warranty, RAMI aviation products are manufactured with performance and quality in mind.

Key RAMI Accomplishments:

  • One of only two suppliers listed by the FAA as being qualified to the TSO-C190 as an approved manufacturer for GNSS antennas
  • A global leader of custom designed ELT antennas for ELT manufacturers
  • Produce aviation antennas designed to be the best choice for light sport to high speed turbine and jet aircraft

Where to Purchase

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Aircraft OEMs

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