AS-390A/SRC shipboard antenna


Shipboard Communications | UHF

The AS-390A/SRC antenna is designed for omni-directional UHF communications. The antenna is an unbalanced, broadband coaxial stub antenna for shipboard application and consists of a radiating element and a counterpoise ground plane. It mounts via a threaded stub protruding from the ground plane with a 3/4-14 NPSM straight pipe thread. The antenna is manufactured and qualified to specification NAVSHIPS 91338 and Navy drawing RE66D585.

Product Specifications
Application Shipboard UHF Communications
Frequency 225-400 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain+2.8 dBi
VSWR2.3:1 Maximum
Connector“N” Female
RF Power Capacity100 Watts CW
Max Weight7 lbs.
ColorCARC Grey

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