AT-1108-1 antenna


Airborne Communications | UHF

The AT-1108-1 antenna is a combined VHF/UHF airborne communications antenna. The outside surfaces of the antenna are abrasive resistance fiberglass epoxy and the inside is filled with foam to reduce the effect of extreme temperature changes, extreme humidity, and excessive shock and vibration. The antenna is produced to meet the electrical requirements of MIL-E-5400, and the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810. Drag force on the antenna at Seal Level and at sub zero (0) angle of attack is 1.0 lb at 250 mph and 2.5 lb at 400 mph. The isolation between the bands is > 40 dB. A gasket for RF shielding and positive sealing is included. The antenna is coated with a Skydrol resistant lusterless CARC black paint.

Minimum purchase of 10 units.

Alternate part number: AT-1108/ARC

Product Specifications
Part NumberAT-1108-1
Application Airborne Communications
Frequency 116-152 MHz
225-400 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain-6 dBd Minimum
VSWR3.0:1 Maximum
ConnectorVHF: “BNC” Female
UHF: “TNC” Female
Weight3.5 lbs.
RF Power Capacity50 Watts Continuous
ColorCARC Black

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