AT-256A/ARC airborne antenna


Airborne Communications | UHF

The AT-256A/ARC antenna is used for airborne communications on various fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The antenna is produced to Military Specification MIL-DTL-5815. It is designed to operate at the extreme temperature range of -65°F to 257°F with intermittent operation at 302°F and can withstand a static load of 8 psi perpendicular to the blade, with an ultimate of 12 psi. The antenna is protected by an anodic coating to prevent corrosion and the outside surfaces will resist particle erosion up to Mach 0.95. The antenna’s seal-ability is tested to an altitude of 70,000 ft.

Product Specifications
Application Airborne Communications
Frequency 225-400 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain-1 dBmp
VSWR2.0:1 Maximum
Connector“N” Female
Max. Weight2 lbs.
RF Power Capacity50 Watts Maximum

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