Airborne Antenna | L-Band

The AT-884B/APX-44 antenna is a Radar Interrogation antenna designed to receive vertically polarized signals at 1010-1030 MHz and radiate vertically polarized signals at 1010-1110 MHz. This antenna is constructed for capability of functioning during all normal maneuvers of the aircraft at all azimuth headings in respect to any radial to the interrogating radar location. The antenna has an operating temperature range of -65°F to 130°F, an operating altitude of up to 30,000 ft, and is constructed to meet the environmental requirements of Military Specification MIL-E-5400. The antenna’s outside surfaces are protected with a chemical resistant CARC green coating.

Product Specifications
Application Radar Interrogation
Frequency 1010-1110 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR1.4:1 Maximum
Connector“C” Female
RF Power Capacity225 Watts
ColorCARC Green
Max. Weight0.75 lbs.

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