Broadband blade antenna AV-290


Dual-Band, Wideband | UHF

The AV-290 is a broadband blade type antenna for applications such as transponder, cellular, 4G, GSM, PCS, Wi-Fi, and UMTS. The AV-290 is designed to operate at speeds up to Mach 1 and altitudes up to 55,000 feet. This antenna has Dual-Band, L-Band, and Wideband capabilities.

Product Specifications
Model NumberAV-290
Application Transponder, Cellular, 4G,
GSM, PCS, Wi-Fi, and UMTS
Frequency 450-470 MHz
700-2700 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR2.5:1 Max.
Connector“BNC” Female (450-470 MHz)
“TNC” Female (700-2700 MHz)
PatternOmni- Directional
Max Weight1.28 lbs
RF Power Handling10 Watts CW
Color Gloss White