drawing of M6909T-GPS antenna


Manpack/Handheld | VHF

The M6909T-GPS is made with an element consisting of tube sections which can be disassembled when not in use. A low noise GPS receiving antenna is mounted between the antenna base and the antenna whip. A cable assembly with two SMA female connectors, one being right angle for easy GPS connection, is supplied with the antenna. This antenna is offered in a CARC Tan. The antenna whip, GPS antenna and/or the antenna base can be purchased separately.

Product Specifications
Application Secure Communications
Frequency 30-87.975 MHz
GPS: 1575 +/-2 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR4.0:1 Maximum
GPS: Right Hand Circular
RF Power Capacity10 Watts CW
ConnectorModified BNC
GPS: SMA Female
Max Weight2 Lbs.

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