RAMI254EXT-LB5 drawing


Ground Based Communications | Tri-Band

The RAMI254EXT-LB5 is a replacement for the OE-254/GRC Antenna Group. It is comprised of fewer piece parts, allowing for quicker assembly and erection, along with being capable of VHF, UHF and L-Band operation modes. It can be deployed atop its 27 ft. mast (RAMI5008-FG) or utilized on the ground standing on its tripod base. It is manufactured to meet the mechanical and environmental specifications as called out in MIL-PRF-49204 (OE-254/GRC specification). The antenna comes complete with a 100 ft. LMR-400 transmission line with an in-line adapter (antenna to triplexer) and three 5 ft. RG-223 transmission lines (triplexer to radio set). Additional components for full assembly and erection (mast to ground deployment) are sold separately.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
225-450 MHz
1200-2110 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain 30-88 MHz -5.0 dBi to 0.0dBi
225-450 MHz 0.0 dBi to +2.0 dBi
1200-2110 MHz +1.0 dBi
1250-1350 MHz +3.0 dBi
1750-1850 MHz +3.0 dBi
VSWR30-88 MHz: 3.0:1 Max
225-450 MHz: 3.0:1 Max
1200-2110 MHz: 2.75:1 Max
Isolation40 dB
Connector“N” Female at antenna feed point
“N” Male at Radio Set
RF Power CapacityVHF, 75 Watts CW
UHF, 75 Watts CW
L-BAND, 75 Watts CW
ColorP/N: RAMI254EXT-LB5G CARC Green

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