RAMI Celebrates 60 years

Jan 1st. 2016

Grand Haven, MI – R.A. Miller Industries (RAMI) is proud to celebrate its 60th year of supplying the U.S. military with advanced antenna systems.  RAMI’s long standing success can be attributed to our dedication to quality, performance and customer service.

Through the years RAMI has supplied over 1 million vehicular whip antennas to the U.S. military.  We take great pride knowing our products play in an integral role in completing missions for our troops and allied troops around the world.  We look forward to applying this mission critical attitude not only to our military lines but also our aviation and transportation markets for many years to come.

About R.A. Miller Industries (RAMI) 

R.A. Miller (RAMI) is a world-class supplier of antenna systems and accessories to military, aviation, and automotive customers worldwide.  RAMI has been engineering and manufacturing antenna systems for the United States Military since 1956.  Today, RAMI offers the industry’s most reliable and highest performance antenna systems tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.  Learn more at http://www.rami.com.