RDP6610B engineering drawing


Antenna Accessory | Diplexer

The RDP6610B is a diplexer for secure communications with all “TNC” Female ports.  One port operates at 30-88 MHz and the other operates from 225-450 MHz. RAMI products are manufactured in the United States.

Product Specifications
Secure Communications
Port 1 Antenna
Port 2 30-88 MHz
Port 3 225-450 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR1.20:1 Typical/1.35:1 Maximum
Insertion Lossless than .5 dB
Isolationless than 35 dB & >40dB Typical
Connector“TNC” Female (All Ports)
Max Weight0.41 Lbs
ColorCARC Black

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