RAMI10612 vehicular antenna


Ground Based Vehicular | VHF, UHF

The RAMI10612 is a ruggedized multiband, rigid base, vehicular antenna. This antenna operates with legacy radios for SINCGARS and EPLRS through the newest multiband radios. It is provided with the standard NATO mounting bolt pattern, provides a low vertical signature and replaces multiple antennas. It is fully oak beam and HV compliant.

Product Specifications
Application Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
108-512 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain at Horizon 30-88 MHz: -7.5 dBmp (30 MHz) to 0 dBmp (80 MHz)
108-225 MHz: greater than -12 dBi
225-290 MHz: -8 dBi to 0 dBi
290-512 MHz : -3 dBi to +3 dBi
VSWR 30-88 MHz: less than 3.5:1 Max. on a 10′ square ground plane
108-512 MHz: less than 3.5:1 Max. on a 10′ square ground plane
Port to Port Isolation30 dB Min.
Connector 30-88 MHz BNC Female
108-512 MHz BNC Female
RF Power Capacity75 Watts CW across all operating frequencies
Max Weight8 lbs.
ColorP/N: RAMI10612G: CARC Green
P/N: RAMI10612T: CARC Tan
P/N: RAMI10612B: CARC Black

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