RAMI6870 vehicular antenna


Vehicular Antenna | L-Band, Tri-Band

The RAMI6870 is a ruggedized multiband vehicular antenna with a rigid base. Initially designed for the Future Combat Systems Program, it has been modified to match the needs of legacy programs while significantly reducing the number of antenna required. The antenna operates with legacy radios for SINCGARS and EPLRS through new multiband radios such as the AN/PRC-117G radio. Multiple frequency inputs may be used simultaneously. The antenna is fully oak beam compliant.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
108-512 MHz
550-2000 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain 30-88 MHz >-7.0 dBmp
108-156 MHz >-6.5 dBmp
225-420 MHz >-2.0 dBi
420-450 MHz >-1.0 dBi
451-512 MHz >-5.0 dBi
700-1350 MHz >-2.0 dBi
1350-1850 MHz > 0.0 dBi
1850-2000 MHz >-1.5 dBi
VSWR3.5:1 Maximum
Connector“BNC” Female: 30-88 MHz
“BNC” Female: 108-512 MHz
“N” Female: 550-2000 MHz
RF Power Capacity100 Watt CW
Max Weight12 lbs.
ColorP/N: RAMI6870G CARC Green
P/N: RAMI6870B CARC Black

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