RAMI1616 technical drawing


Ground Based Vehicular | HF

The RAMI1616 is a fiberglass whip antenna capable of 1 KW Maximum operating from 2 to 30 MHz. It provides an omnidirectional, low angle radiation pattern for ground wave communication or can be tilted over for skywave communication. The antenna sections are constructed by embedding the RF conductor in a sheath of woven fiberglass that produces an exceptionally tough, but flexible antenna. The tilt adapter allows the antenna to stand vertical at 0 degrees, 50 degrees, 70 degrees or horizontal at 90 degrees. This allows the antenna to tilt for NVIS communications on the move. This HF Base will bolt directly to the included Mounting Bracket that has the standard NATO mounting pattern.

Product Specifications
Application HF Vehicular
Frequency 2-30 MHz
RF Power Capacity1 KW
Altitudeup to 15,000 Ft.
Wind RatingUp to 35 MPH (For 0.5” Radial ice,
Reduce wind rating by 40%)
ColorP/N: RAMI1616G
P/N: RAMI1616T
P/N: RAMI1616B
CARC Green
CARC Black
EnvironmentFor all weather environments
Operating Temp-40º C to +80º C
Weight3.5 lbs.

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