RAMI254EXT-LB3 antenna outside


Ground Communications | Dual Band, L-Band

The RAMI254EXT-LB3 is a replacement for the OE-254/GRC Antenna Group. It is comprised of fewer piece parts, allowing for quicker assembly and erection, along with being capable of VHF, UHF and L-Band operation modes. It can be deployed atop its 27 ft. mast (RAMI5008-FG) or utilized on the ground standing on its tripod base. It is manufactured to meet the mechanical and environmental specifications as called out in MIL-PRF-49204 (OE-254/GRC specification). The antenna comes complete with two 75 ft. of LMR-400 transmission lines with an in line adapter (antenna to diplexer) and two 5 ft. RG-223 transmission lines (diplexer to radio set). Additional components for full assembly and erection (mast or ground deployment) are included in the transit bag.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
225-450 MHz
1250-2000 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain 30-88 MHz > -7.0 dBmp
225-450 MHz > +1.0 dBi
1250-2000 MHz > +2.0 dBi Avg.
VSWR 30-88 MHz: 3.5:1 Max
225-450 MHz: 3.0:1 Max
1250-2000 MHz: 2.5:1 Max
Isolation225-450 MHz/1250-2000 MHz: -9 dB
30-88 MHz/1250-2000 MHz: -20 dB
Connector“N” type female at antenna feed point
RF Power CapacityVHF, 75 Watts CW
UHF, 75 Watts CW
LBAND, 100 Watts CW
Max. Weight47 lbs.
ColorP/N: RAMI254EXT-LB3G CARC Green/Black Mast
P/N: RAMI254EXT-LB3T CARC Tan/Black Mast
P/N: RAMI254EXT-LB3B CARC Black/Black Mast

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