Vehicular Antenna | Multiband, VHF, UHF

The RTB3030 is a ruggedized multiband vehicular antenna designed to significantly reduce the number of antennas on the vehicle. The antenna operates with legacy radios for SINCGARS and EPLRS through new multiband radios such as the Side Winder radio. Multiple VHF/UHF frequency inputs may be used simultaneously. The antenna is fully “oak beam” compliant and has L-Band and Tri-Band capabilities.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
225-450 MHz
1200-2110 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Peak Gain at Horizon 30-88 MHz -6.0 dBi to -1.0 dBi (on a 10×10 Ground Plane)
225-450 MHz 0 dBi to +2.0 dBi
1200-2110 MHz +1.0 dBi
1250-1350 MHz +3.0 dBi
1750-1850 MHz +3.0dBi

VSWR 30-88 MHz 3.0:1 Max
225-450 MHz 3.0:1 Max
1200-2110 MHz 2.75:1 Max
Isolationgreater than 40 dB
Connectors“BNC” Female 30-88 MHz
“BNC” Female 225-450 MHz
“N” Female 1200-2110 MHz
Max Weight12 lbs.
Max Height90.00″
ColorCARC Green
CARC Black
Tie Down Kit Sold SeparatelyP/N: RAMI-TDK-1
Environmental TestingMIL-STD-810G Compliant

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