diplexer/splitter AV-587


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The AV-587 antenna coupler is an antenna signal splitter/diplexer providing three outputs from a single antenna. One output provides a combined VOR/LOC/GS signal. A second output provides a combined VOR/LOC signal. And a third output provides a GS signal.

The necessity of bringing this product forward comes from advancing technology in avionics. Newer designed navigational radios have only one antenna input to receive all three (VOR/LOC/GS) signals whereas older legacy radios had a separate antenna input for the VOR/LOC signal and another antenna input for the GS signal.

In an aircraft instrument panel with one newer navigational radio and a second older legacy navigational radio, the AV-587 is the article that will provide the necessary signals to both radios utilizing a single antenna.

Product Specifications
Application Navigation Receive
Frequency Port 1: Antenna
Port 2: NAV/LOC/GS
Port 3: NAV/LOC
Port 4: G/S
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR1.40:1 Max.
Insertion Lossless than .6 dB above 3.0 dB
Isolationgreater than 22 dB
Connectors“BNC” Female
RF Power CapacityReceive Only
Max Weight0.38 lbs.
FAA TSOC34e, C36e, C40c
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