COM electronic switch - AV-590

AV-590 & AV-590(-28)

COM Electronic Switch

The AV-590 is an electronic switch allowing two COM radios to share the same COM antenna.

In receive mode, it acts as a signal splitter allowing both COM radios reception across the entire COM band (118-137 MHz).

In transmit mode, which ever COM radio (COM 1 or 2) is selected through the audio panel, a control signal is sent to the AV-590, switching the selected COM radio to the COM antenna and isolating the remaining COM radio from the COM antenna.

Once no longer transmitting, the control signal is removed and the AV-590 electronic switch reverts back to the receive mode as described above.

Product Specifications
ModelAV-590 & AV-290(-28)
Application COM Electronic Switch
Frequency 118-137 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
VSWR1.2:1 Max
DC VoltageAV-590: 12-15 VDC @ 60 mA Max.
AV590(-28): 20-30 VDC @ 60 mA Max.
Receive Insertion Lossless than 0.6 dB above 3.0 dB
Transmit Insertion Lossless than 0.3 dB
Isolationgreater than 30 dB
Connectors“BNC” Female
Cable36″ long, 4 conductors
RF Power Capacity25 Watts TX
Max. Weight0.50 lbs.
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