ground based military antenna


Log Periodic Dipole Antenna System

The RLP3088 log-periodic dipole antenna system uses 18 aluminum elements to provide wideband directional transmission/reception of radio signals in the 30-88 MHz band. The forward gain is typically greater than 4 dBi across the entire frequency range. The specially designed mounting arrangement results in fast assembly and installation. The antenna can be installed on the supplied 8 m (27 ft.) mast typically in less than 15 minutes.

Product Specifications
Application Ground Based Communications
Frequency 30-88 MHz
VSWR3.0 Typical
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Forward Gain (average)Greater than 4 dBi
Forward Gain (minimum)Greater than 2 dBi
Azimuth Half Power BeamwidthGreater than 60
RF ConnectorType N (Female)
Maximum Power100 Watts CW
RF Coaxial Cable15 m (50 ft.) BNC & N
Mast Height (extended)8 m (27 ft.)
Mast Max Length (packed)2.5 m (8 ft.)
Mast Weight15 kg (33 lbs.)
Mast Kit Weight11 kg (24 lb.)
Colors AvailableP/N: RLP3088G CARC Green w/ Black Mast
P/N: RLP3088T CARC Tan w/ Black Mast
P/N: RLP3088B CARC Black w/ Black Mast

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