The AS-3916/VRC Antenna is a Survivable Low Profile version of the AS-3900A/VRC Antenna. It is used on vehicles which launch TOW Anti-Armor Missiles where the back-blast of the missile launchers would damage the AS-3900A/VRC Antenna. The AS-3916/VRC can withstand the application of 20,000 VRMS to the antenna element without adverse affect to the antenna or radio. The antenna has a higher power capacity to allow multiplexing of up to four (4) radios to a single antenna. This eliminates a co-site problem of multiple antennas interfering with each other.

Product Specifications
Application Communications
Frequency 30 – 88 MHz
Impedance50 Ohms Nominal
Gain-8.8 dBmp @ 30 MHz to -3.5 dBmp @ 88 MHz
VSWR3.5:1 Maximum
Connector“BNC” Female
RF Power Capacity150 Watt CW
ColorCARC Green
CARC White
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